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Name:Dallin Beckstead
Birthdate:Dec 30
[Dallin is 27 years old, 6'5" and nearly skeletal in build. He's always a little sickly-looking, and not even capable of being imposing when he uses his height to loom over people. He's very soft-spoken, with a hint of a Boston accent that comes out when he's excited about things.]

Dallin Beckstead's students once made the mistake of thinking him easy prey. Quiet, awkward-looking, fresh out of college and incapable of using any profanity stronger than 'darn' even without kids present, he looked weaker than the mug of decaf tea on his desk.

By the end of the year, his reputation as the toughest grader in the district was ironclad, and it was left to the guidance counselor to comfort the students who wound up on the wrong end of his temper. Two years in, and he still takes it as a badge of pride when they come up with new cruel nicknames to call him behind his back. As far as he's concerned, it means he's doing something right.

A lapsed Mormon who's toyed with the idea of trying to get himself officially excommunicated, Dallin still retains some of the habits he was raised with--he's not big on caffeine, can't hold his liquor at all, and he'll use the word "heck" unironically. Still, he doesn't mind being thought of as a dork, as long as he's given the opportunity to prove it wrong

[Dallin is an original character, used here for roleplaying purposes. I am not affiliated with his PB, Zach Woods. Mun and muse are over 18.]
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